About Us


Bo Varga, MBA, Silicon Valley/North America  

Deliverables are transactions focused marketing – business partners, customers, funding for high tech companies, with current photonics, real AI, small fission, space, VRARA, water electrolysis projects.  Technology sector agnostic, mostly hardware, some software. Works as Advisor, Consultant, Industry Mentor, or VP Business depending on customer.   

Delivers technology commercialization reports, multi-client study SiC semiconductors 2020-2030, METI study US battery companies & technologies 2011 -2021, EIB study solar PV 2008-2018, various other projects Canada, US, Europe.‚Äč

Jesus Marcos, MBA, Spain/Europe  

European Space Agency (ESA) 10+ years, 25+ years space related technologies and markets, Space Engineering, Materials Chemistry degrees, MBA, CEO, CTO, BDM Space companies,  launchers, space stations, ECLSS, in on-orbit operations, power, mechanism & structures for spacecrafts, propulsion, thermal control, datalink, telecom & ground control.

Yash Rawal, MS Finance, BSEE, New York Area/India

Strong EPC and imports to India, corporate HQ in Mumbai, strong ISRO connections.   

Works with technology providers, manufacturers and end users in Aerospace Sectors Globally, including Satellite Robotics, Satellite Motion Control and Special Materials for Spacecraft as well as Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Oil & Gas, Semiconductors and Telecommunication sectors.       


We work with business, financial and technical advisors, US & International, with a focus on hardware and software.

Jim Hurd, Advisor, Silicon Valley, Washington, DC, USA

Jim is a DC native, where he has strong relationships networks, and graduated from George Washington University. He lives in Silicon Valley. His expertise includes DC Political & Agency relationships and High Technology Strategic Alliances. Jim works with start up and early revenue companies in advanced/nano materials, cleantech, and space infrastructure. 

He brings companies to Fortune 100 corporations, investors and US government innovation initiatives to build business relationships and acquire funding.

He attends family office conferences and enjoys the Davos World Economic Forum each year.

Star Read, Advisor, Mid-Atlantic/North America

Star is a venture capital and business development professional with 12+ years in personal early stage investing and 10+ years in strategic business development.

She was an investment analyst from 1998 and then an advisor or partner in Silicon Valley and Oregon venture capital firms.

As a business development professional she generated strategic partnerships and revenue.  She graduated from University of California, Berkeley and is a California native.

Deepak Srivastava, PhD, Advisor, Novel “Good Enough” Algorithms, HPC

Deepak currently provides advice and consulting to the start-up CEO and founder of Bio-Mimetic AI, with focus on sensing/computing at the extreme edge. Prior as a technical entrepreneur he helped companies in novel Pt replacement catalysts, novel Li-ion battery materials, and novel 360 surround sound algorithms for robotics.

Before that he was Senior Scientist and Technical Leader of Computational Nanotechnology Investigation at NASA Ames Research Center.  Ph.D. Physics from the Quantum Theory Project at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

During 10+ years at NASA Ames he published 100+ technical papers and gave 100+ invited talks on computational materials design, nanotechnology, nanomaterials and nanoelectronics for aerospace and defense applications.

He has 25+ years experience large-scale modeling & simulations of nanomaterials, processes and applications involving fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene, hydrocarbon reactions on diamond surfaces, and Si, SiC, and SiGe epitaxial growth with reactive molecular dynamics, quantum tight-binding molecular dynamics, and time-dependent Monte Carlo methods, respectively.

Bruce Carsten, EE, Switch Mode Electronics, RF and power

Current work only on interesting power electronics problems, including very strong focus on testing where theory or current teachings are inadequate for advanced design projects, with
a special focus on electromagnetic fields

Bruce has 40+ Years experience in switch mode electronics, with 50+ published papers and twelve patents.  His experience includes power converters, amplifiers, transformers, module, and low voltage logic. Since 1995 he presented 120+ design seminars in 9 countries, including 14 US states.

Avery Lu, Advisor, Senior Member IEEE, BSEE, Silicon Valley/North America

Specializes in building and delivering product innovation and business growth at industry scale with experience in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Digital, Analog & Mixed-Signal Electronics, Product Design & Development, and Manufacturing.

Customer facing roles at NXP Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies, Toshiba Semiconductor, Winbond Electronics, American Microsystems, Cypress Semiconductor, Viewlogic Systems and Xilinx with such clients as Apple, Cisco, Tesla, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.
Participates in the IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) in Silicon Valley and CASPA (Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association).