About Us

We are working or have worked on business development, fundraising and other consulting in the following areas, from 2020 to present.  

U.S.A. - Current:

Aerospace – advisory and market research re ISAM and ISRU futures including conference attendance

AI – advice and consulting to start-up CEO and founder with focus sensing/computing at extreme edge

VR ESP (Extended reality Solutions Platform) – advice and consulting to CEO and founder with focus on transition from an established boutique consulting company to a product company including abstract preparation and conference presentations

Photonics – highest refractive index materials, smallest line nano-imprint lithography for calibration targets, displays, lens applications

Small Fission – advisory re funding, preparation of investor presentation

U.S.A. - Prior:  

Aerospace – budgets preparation, conference reports, consulting to CEO and CTO, key advisor recruiting, grant applications, market studies 

Agriculture - – market section Phase II successful grant application 

Hydrogen Economy – for Silicon Valley VC reviewed multiple water electrolysis and other hydrogen related projects

Indium Inks – market section for Phase II DOE successful grant application 

Silicon Carbide – design of power conserving circuit for flyback converter, launch of prototyping fab in USA, research and publication 2020 of multi-client report re current Silicon Carbide technology and companies with growth projection to 2030. 

Water Electrolysis – advice and consulting to CEO and Founder and VP Business Development re business partnerships and Space applications 

Water Purification – market section Phase II successful grant applications  

Europe - Current:       

CIDETEC: new Battery manufacturing plant for Aerospace, BDM 

OPTIMUS3D: 3D printing, BDM for aerospace & defense markets 

IFFE CFA A Coruña: manufacturing tubes / mechanical parts/ heat exchanger for aerospace and defense 

SUPRASYS: superconductors and cryogenics development 

EDAIRTECH: Energy, aerospace, and defense engineering group

ZENIALAB- FPGA: robotics, automation applications development